Tom Law's School of English

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Tom Law's School
of English

ul. Cedrowa 18
05-077 Warszawa-Wesoła
Tel: 022-773-34-39,
kom: 0-501-645-913

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History and Mission Statement |

History and Mission Statement

school-tom3_s.jpgTom Law’s School of English started as a one-man operation in 1995. My wife Gosia and I started the school from our house in 1997 with about 70 students. We moved to our current location in 1999. That year we had more than 200 students, learning 4 languages, in 32 groups. We also offer private and semi-private lessons. To date, we’ve had the pleasure of serving some 900 people in our community.

The school has 5 comfortable, well-equipped classrooms, reception and waiting room. Groups start at age five. Students learn in groups of similar ages and abilities. Adults are offered courses at all levels. We’re family and community focused. This has been a cornerstone of our philosophy and development, namely, we strive to offer the best in service and language instruction to the people of Stara Milosna, Wesola and the surrounding area.

We offer our business clients personal service and a custom-built approach to their specific needs. Business clients have included Kredyt Bank, Dax Cosmetics, Hewlett Packard, Auto Lech, Vita Pol, Esbud and Teknosystem. These businesses appreciate that a professional, responsive and result-oriented language school is located near them.

We’ve been lucky to attract, and keep, teachers who share our ambition to offer something different than is found at state schools or at other private language schools. This something different is basically an approach which puts the student at the centre of the learning process.